Monday, August 27, 2012


well hello everyone! long time no post. where to start? where to start?

Tyler went to Texas for a month back in April.
Gavin turned 2 in May!!! He's getting so big. And he definitly has his own opinion that he likes us all to know about.
Brig isn't scared of the water anymore. He has a friend, Dash, who helped him to overcome the fear and as long as he has his lifevest on he's happy to be in the water.
As for me, i actually got somewhat of a tan this summer.

We had a family reunion/camping trip a few weeks ago. We went to Big Springs, Island Park, ID for a few days. We saw my parents and all of my siblings came, all 10 of us kids, and grandkids, and my grandparents, and aunts and uncles, and cousins. We had fun catching up talking. On thursday we went rafting, canoeing, and paddleboarding. Friday we went to Yellowstone Park. First time there ever. We saw some bison, elk, lots of canadian geese, and quite a few hotsprings. we even went and saw Old Faithful. She's not so Faithful anymore due to an earthquake some years ago.

Brig started Kindergarten today. He goes in the afternoon and had a blast today. I hope its a great year for him. He's come so far from when he started Preschool last year. I'm so proud of him.

Tyler is hoping to go to school this semester. Just a matter of getting the classes he needs to finish getting his associates degree.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


brig is now in preschool. so far so good. the first day was hard on both of us. he started getting on his bus than realized i wasn't getting on with him. so he jumped off and started crying and holding onto my leg. i had to pull him off and hand him up to the bus assistant. the driver said he was fine was he actually got to school. when brig got home he gave me a hug and said he cried both ways on the bus. the next day he was totally fine about the bus and going to school. by friday he ran for the bus. yes it early by 5 mins but he's now excited to go to school. i hope he learns alot and has fun too.
gavin is getting some more teeth i think. he's been clingy the last few days so not a whole lot has gotten done that needs to be done. he's learning new words all the time. its fun to listen to him try to say them.
tyler has work all week. he was also just called to be a teacher at church. which group or class i have don't know. something in priesthood i think. he goes in on halloween to get some cysts removed from his scalp. doc says that its an easy procedure. they're the kind of cysts that grow with time. so if you ever see an old man with a golfball like bump of his head thats what it is. so its safer and easier to do it now while he's young.
i've been working out this last week. i'm finally able to walk normal and not wincing with every step. we'll have to wait and see what this week will bring in terms of workout routines. i've decided that if i could do any job i wanted and stay home to do, i'd proofread books and articles before they get printed because i'm ALWAYS catching misspelled words and the wrong use of words. drives me nuts!!!! only problem with that is you have to have a degree to get hired to do a job like that and i don't have a degree at all. oh well.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Whats been.....

wow i didn't realize how long its been since i posted anything. roughly 9 months to be exact. lets see if i can remember all thats happened in that time.
tyler never got his inner state tranfer so we moved up to boise april 1st and have loved it so far. he is working at gowen field right now and is hoping to start school and the rotc program in january. only time will tell if he can get the classes he wants or not.
gavin is up and running around now. he's gotten alot of teeth now and more are coming. he's starting to talk and its really fun to listen to him try to sing. there aren't really words when he sings but his voice will try to follow the music. he loves to dance too. anytime he hears music of any kind you can expect him to bust a move. :)
brig should be starting preschool in a few weeks. he'll have to do some speech therapy because he still isn't talking clear and missing alot of speech patterns. he's getting so big. he's excited for halloween to be almost here because he says he's going to be iron man and superman and all those other heros that he loves.
as for me, not much has really changed. i'm hoping to lose some weight and hopefully look better by new years but i'm not going to hold my breath. i'm finding lots of new recipes to try. so far most as a go but there have been a few no-goes. the chili was really good.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Been awhile...

Well its been awhile. A long while actually. We're in our own place now and making it day by day. Tyler still hasn't gotten his Inner State Transfer. It is taking FOREVER!!! Normally they don't take this long so maybe we're not suppose to be in AZ anymore but in ID. I don't know.

Anyways.....Tyler starts school at MCC next week. 8 more classes and he's got is Associates Degree. Yay him!!! :)

Me...I'm starting to work out again and will hopefully keep losing the weight that is dropping off. Fingers crossed people!! the typical 3 year old. Thinks he can do everything himself and will even tell me he's busy or to hold on a minute. Or to just wait. :) Amazing how well he talks now after getting his tonsils out and ear tubes put in. AND he is starting to like food too!!! Not just milk. baby is getting big. Still doing the army crawl but put that kid in his walker and he goes crazy in every direction. And he's darn proud of himself when he does it too. He's figured out music and what his body can do to did. Quite a little dancer. :) OH!! and he's getting his 2 bottom teeth but he smiles all the time. Not a whole lots of tears for that little man. Got himself a hair cut too.

What else is going on? My sister Merry Jo is getting Married in SLC in March. Her man is a good guy. Got to meet him over the summer. My other sister Beth is doing Junior Miss Arizona. Her pageant is tomorrow at Mountain View. And my parents and younger siblings are moving to ID this coming week. I don't know much else that is happening right now. Like i said going day to day. Bedtime. I'm the only one still up. Hopefully not for long.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Its time....

HE'S A COMING HOME!!! Tyler will be coming home next weekend depending on how long out-processing takes but he'll be home. He's still going to try to get into to airborne school but he felt we needed him here at home right now. So after 4.5 months, we'll have a daddy and hubby at home again!!

Brig is doing good and getting bigger. Sad news for him though is that he has to have surgery Nov. 3rd to get eat tubes and to remove his tonsils. He's talking more and more, though its still a little hard to understand him. But atleast he tries to make the right sounds. He's also learning his colors and numbers. Brig loves nursery at church and has started saying the dinner prayers with a little help from me or Grandmom. Potty training is at a stand still right now due to the upcoming surgery and he screams everytime I put him on the toilet. LOL!! Candy and stickers have lost their glory with this little boy.

Gavin is getting big. He's in the 95% for length and 25%-50% in weight. So he's long and skinny. He fills out the 6-9 month clothes fairly well but they're very wide on him. He focuses so well and is constantly talking and laughing. He's starting to try rolling over but keeps rolling over and pinning his arm wrong so he can't go completely over. He loves his big brother. Saves the biggest smiles for him.

As for me, I'm starting to work out and slowly loosing the postbaby weight. I colored my hair a very dark brown. Its cute. My boys keep me busy but I've got lots of help which I'll be forever thankful for. I can't wait for Tyler to get home, its been along time.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

...More than 1000 words...

Just life going on while Tyler's at boot camp at Fort Jackson, SC. I didn't get a picture of it but yesterday Brig hit Gavin with a Wii remote and than pulled him out of his swing while I was doing dishes. Brave baby didn't cry at all. He must know he's got a rough and tough older brother. :)

Brig helping Grandmom make bread.

Brig and I taking a picture to send to Tyler

"He's mine!!"

Just being silly.

I'm awake!! Hello my name is Gavin :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Just a few fun moments since we came home from the hospital :)